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Almost everything we do touches a relationship in some way. Just think about your day. Whether you are at home or at work, driving a car, playing, exercising, shopping, vacationing, worshiping at church, or doing any one of many activities you and I do every day, we are constantly involved with people. We even interact with people in our sleep. There is no escaping relationships.

That’s why for the past fifteen years I have felt an innate passion about helping couples, families, and individuals to strengthen, improve, and enrich the relationships in their lives. I help them create an outstanding relationship not only in their romantic life, but in every area of their lives where relationships are important. Nonetheless, my work is not limited. Ultimately, I have a special passion for helping women fulfill their dreams in the days when many women encounter great obstacles.

My name is Christina Tasiou. I was born and raised in a Greek family. I was raised in a world where opportunities were limited, especially for women. By the age of 19, I was stuck in an arranged and unhappy marriage. I always had a vision of myself living and studying in England. So, at the age of 35, sixteen years after my marriage, I decided to leave for London along with my two children. The first lesson here is that there is no particular age for growth and I firmly believe this. Relationships, education and experiences are all factors that directly and indirectly affect the way we grow. For some, this growth is a constant process over the years while for others, this growth comes in patches after several halts.

My utmost aim for each and every client is to create a stable and strong foundation so that people stay strong and even thrive in the face of adversity and difficulty.

15 years of experience working with clients

Working with me, you will understand how we relate to each other and the importance of knowing how to create and sustain outstanding relationships. I’ll help you figure out the root of the problem, what is stopping you from getting to where you need to be, and how to create a shift in times of feeling concretely stuck.

Whatever your challenges are, I, Christina will bring you to a place of clarity, insight and results. I have incorporated the best of my pain, my life experience and work experience to work with methods that make it easier than ever to create deeply rewarding relationships that will sustain you for life. Even your relationship with yourself.

So, what are you waiting for, Give me a call today and get yourself sorted through my extensive guidance, encouragement and support.

Christina is a Leader in the Coaching Industry, Transforming the lives of others, not only in North America, but all over the World


My mission is to make my clients feel like they are the most important people in the world, because to me, they truly are.
I accomplish this by delivering exceptional service and doing whatever it takes to go above and beyond my clients’ expectations.


Free Consulation
Free Consulation

Guaranteed Results

In just a few powerful weeks, with our help, your life will be so much more than it is right now:  

  • Your bank account balance will be bigger;
  • Your relationships will be more fulfilling;
  • Your work will be more meaningful and rewarding;
  • Your life will be more exciting;
  • Your goals will be more ambitious and more often achieved;
  • We'll help you maximize your results in the most critical areas of your life.

Now, you have an opportunity to transform your life beyond your wildest dreams with the help of one of the best coaches in the personal development industry.

Don’t know how to start? We have the solution…..

Christina will help you maximize your results in the most critical areas of your life.

You will benefit Freedom. Happiness. Success.

Our #1 priority is to provide you with the ability to create an outstanding future! You will:

  • Have every aspect of your life personal, professional, and spiritual, be exactly the way you want it;
  • Experience dramatic and permanent changes in life, and the ability to achieve your dreams;
  • Take responsibility for everything that happens to you and take control of your destiny;
  • Get clarity on your life’s purpose and experience more joy and fulfillment in everything you do;
  • Develop an unstoppable mindset that empowers you to take bigger action toward your dreams;
  • Cultivate deeper relationships with people who give you the love and support you deserve;
  • Understand what “success” means to you and design a life that truly makes you happy.

We’re Proud to Say We Really Do Change Lives – Our Clients Tell Us So!

"I'm so fortunate to have crossed paths with life coach and spiritual teacher such as Christina. Not only did she share her light with me but she taught me how to share my own light with others. When I reached out to Christina, my life felt like it was getting out of hand. I wasn’t in the career I wanted, I wasn’t engaged with my long time boyfriend, and I lived almost everyday with a lot of fear. It wasn’t healthy and I knew that I needed some kind of guidance.

Christina provided me with the tools to continue moving forward and today, I feel like I am the creator of my own life. I am in the process of landing my first job in my new career, I am married and I can now allow myself to process fear in a way that I won’t self-jeopardize myself.

I highly recommend Christina when you’re ready for your next step, she will welcome you into her beautiful space"

Paula Harwood


We’re Proud to Say We Really Do Change Lives – Our Clients Tell Us So!

"I can’t thank Christina enough for the recent breakthrough I had around money. Before my conversation with Christina I was feeling very insecure with my limited income but I couldn’t pinpoint what the block was. After Christina’s powerful coaching, I was able to see clearly how negative patterns had been holding me back? Now I have a new found identity that’s true and empowering.

Thanks to Christina I have the career and the life I wanted"

Adam Wilson