Creating a Career of Freedom and Fulfillment

Creating a  Career of Freedom and  Fulfillment

Most of us spend most of our life working or doing work-related activities. Now, that’s a lot of time and do not forget that  time is your most valuable resource that we have – and if you’re unhappy at work, where you spend at least 50% of your time, then it will be very difficult to find fulfillment in your life. 

Unfortunately, most of us  work in jobs that causes us stress and anxiety and instead creating careers that bring us wealth and happiness.

This is because; one, of our ego which pushes us to look though the lens of the “Leader Model,” and secondly is the way we have been taught whether is our parents, or our teachers. On the second one, we were rarely given the option to choose our desirable career. 

Both have long passed its expiration date and one of the principal reasons that many people are unhappy at work is that we base our jobs on the skills we think we have and our understanding of how we can logically apply those skills in the market, instead of having a career that gives us fulfillment.

It is time to step back and ask ourselves how we want to live our life? What kind of impact we want to create in the world? And how we want to contribute to the society? 

By answering these questions, we develop a core set of values, like our freedom, our growth, our connection, our adventure and stability, upon which we build our professionals paths. 

We must ask ourselves, is this opportunity helping me fulfill my core values? And, if that opportunity is not helping you, then it’s time to look for and find that opportunity so you can be able to a healthy and wealthy life. 

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