It’s called ‘mental contrasting’ which is a concept of wish-outcome-obstacle-plan. 

Now before everything else, we visualize the goal we want to achieve and the benefits that the goal will bring to our life. The best way to visualize a goals is to write it down first. 

Then, think about  several obstacles that might stop you from reaching that goal and again, write them down. Visualize your obstacles and then use your knowledge, imagination, and intui-tion to write down strategies to overcome those obstacles.

That is mental contrasting and it stimulates the brain in ways that make this form of problem-solving more effective than just thinking about your desired goals. 

Keep in mind that to be able to achieve your goals, you need confidence. 

If you do not have that confidence within you, you will have less success to achieve that goal (s). And the best solution is to pick goals you know you can achieve, and preserve, no matter what. 

If you get stuck, private Coaching sessions are a very useful and sometimes necessary tool to quickly undermine those blocks.

- Christina Tasiou 

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