Weight Loss Coaching

One-on-one weight loss coaching which will help you be in the body you truly deserve. 

Are those last few pounds haunting you every day? Is Summer Body far from being achievable for you? Believe me, I have been there too.

How Can Christina Help you

As a person who struggled with weight issues as well, I completely and absolutely understand your worries if you are overweight and cannot lose the extra few pounds on you. We have all been there at some point in our lives and came out of it. However, some of us, lean towards obesity and not only is that a harmful thing when it comes to body image but also extremely harmful to your health. It would not be wrong to say that obesity is the mother of numerous life threatening diseases. Holding excessive amount of fat in your body can not just be lethal but is also more than likely to shatter your confidence. An individual is really nothing without their confidence and health. The sooner we understand that, the healthier and better it will be for our cause.
In a lot of cases that I have personally encountered, obesity and being overweight has made people overthink to a point that it also takes a toll on their mental health. Therefore, it is extremely important that one takes care of their body. It is rightly said that ‘Your Body is Your Temple’ and nobody wants to harm their temple. It is the cause and proof of their being! 
Losing weight, in fact, losing all the extra weight conversely changes your outlook and philosophy on life. Our aim, when we work together towards losing weight, will definitely not be being skinny, thin or anything that fits into societal stereotypes. It will, instead be a program that helps your transform into a better and healthier version of yourself. We’re not looking at showing off those bones and eliminating all the mass, we are about eliminating fat from the places it isn’t required to be at. 
I want you to be healthy and I want to help you be healthy. This journey that we may take together is going to be a phenomenal mix of being confident, healthy and more yourself at the end of it. Through my weight loss coaching, I am to help to fight against obesity, regain your strength and help you maintain the achieved body goals. Get your summer clothing out because together, we can work on giving you the body that you truly deserve! Move over, abs, toned thighs and calves along with a strong chest and back incoming!
If you are ready to get over your midlife transition, It is time to get in touch with Christina. With my assistance, guidance and support you will truly be amazed. My coaching doesn’t just get rid of your problems, but allows you to learn more throughout the whole process - something you can keep with you for a lifetime